Thursday, October 6, 2011

Promo Diaper Cakes!

Something like this ;)

Ok, disebabkan permintaan yang tinggi (again) for promo like one that I made for Milkadeal, ramai customers tanya, bila nak buat lagi?

So now, I try buat my first shot of promo which kalau memberangsangkan, October nanti I buat lagi. :) But orders are limited as I'm opening up to 6 slots only. 3 for girls, 3 for boys. While slots last! Redemption date starts from 26th September 2011 onwards, no expiry date for this. :)


  • 26 Huggies Diapers
  • 1 Circo Receiving Blanket
  • 1 Carter's Romper
  • 1 Carter's Bib
  • 1 Gerber Wash Cloth
  • 1 Pair of Socks
  • 1 Pair of Prewalker Shoes (Mothercare/Next/Gap/Guess) 
  • 1 Baby Rattle (First Year/Fisher Price/Bright Starts)
  • 1 Lamaze Soft Toy
  • 1 Foil Balloon
  • 1 Gift Card
  • Premium Ribbons and Embellishment
So first come first serve ya. Email your order to

Thank you for your endless support! Toche! Toche!

P/S: I still don't have a business card. -_____-"

promo dah habis ;)

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