Friday, July 29, 2011

Another 2 diaper cakes baked last night

I baked my 74th and 75th diaper cakes last night and if I include the other 20 mini diaper cakes into the list, wah! I'm almost at my 100th creation dah! How exciting! 

The truth is, I never thought that I would go this far - 7 months young business and close to 100 diaper cakes created already. Sungguh tak percaya. *_____* I mean to keep my small business up and running while working on a full time desk job during the day, it is definitely not an easy task. Not to mention my two little munchkins that demand my time and attention too, a lot of mental and physical energy is needed to keep me going and stay positive with everything that I have planned. Turut tidak dilupakan, my dear blog that needs to be updated everyday jugak. Alhamdulillah I am still sane and in one piece of ShilaShower, hehehe.... ;) Belum lagi kaki kat sana, badan kat sini, kepala kat situ punya condition :P

Owh, a few people have been asking "where did you learn to make a diaper cake?". Frankly speaking, I learned everything from YouTube :P Same goes masa buat cupcakes dulu, all with the power of Youtube and Google, hehehe....But of course a lot of practice and patience needed before you can get the hang of it. :)