Monday, November 21, 2011

Diaper Cakes Promo! RM110 :)


Diaper Cakes promo is back and this time I'm offering a basic set diaper cake for RM110 only. :) Usually my average diaper cake price starts from RM150 onwards, tapi kalau customer nak yang RM100 pun I boleh buat jugak, cuma tak dapat nak offer branded items like Huggies ker, or Mothercare Prewalker Shoes or Bright Starts or Fisher Price toys or foil balloon like that lah kan. I will just be a very basic DC made of blanket, romper, bib, shoes,socks and wash cloth with combination of Carter's and local brands items.

But now, for the price of RM110, you guys will be getting:

26 Huggies Diapers
1 Baby Receiving Blanket
1 Carter's Romper
1 Carter's Bib 
1 Gerber Wash Cloth
1 Socks
1 Mothercare Prewalker Shoes (bonus!)
1 Foil Balloon (bonus!)
1 Gift Card
Premium Ribbons and Embellishment 

Limited stocks and slots available, if berminat, boleh place your order at :)