Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ducky & Froggy Diaper Cake

Phewww! Finally got to update my blog! 

I was having trouble to load due to this "Bad Request Error 400" thingy. And because I am not uber-savvy on all this technical-IT-coding whatchamacallit, I always resorted to Mr. Google and start finding my way and fixing stuff by following simple instructions. 

Million thanks to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the two guys who invented Google Genius which been providing me endless solutions to my everyday-issues tho I'm not sure if the solution given is for temporary basis or for good. :P 

So, back to the blog title mentioned above, here my latest diaper cake creation named "Ducky & Froggy" :) Running out of ideas dah, hihi..

Theme: Boy – 2 tiers

Occasion: Newborn Baby Gift

Type: Pre-ordered

  • 26 Pcs Huggies Dry (size M) – 2 tiers
  • 1 Receiving Blanket
  • 1 Carter’s Romper
  • 1 Carter’s Bib
  • 1 Carter’s Wash Cloth
  • 1 Pair of Socks & Mittens
  • 1 Pair Booties & Mittens
  • 1 Guess Pre-walker Shoes
  • 1 Mothercare ELC Baby Rattle
  • 1 Playskool Gloworld Clip & Go Stroller Toy
  • 1 Fisher Price Soft Book
  • 1 Large Yellow Duck Foil Balloon
  • 1 Hallmark Gift Card
  • Premium ribbons and embellishments

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