Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Diaper Cakes by ShilaShower

Hye! I'm Shila, a twenty something mommy to two boys who turned her passion into small business. 

Diaper Cakes by ShilaShower is a home based business that bakes yummy diaper cakes for your little bundle of joy. Each diaper cake is unique in its way and rest assured, no two diaper cakes will ever be the same. Plus, I will only use good brand name baby items to bake the cake to perfection. :)

Diaper cake is one big hit in the market right now where many people looking to have it as a gift for the little one new arrivals. It is so trendy and stylish that is perfect for baby shower too (as decorative centerpiece or surprise gift) and you can even use it as a game at the baby shower like guessing on how many baby diapers inside. ;) Worry not, everything on it is functional and practical. Price wise? Very reasonable and affordable especially when looking at the ingredients used. ;)


  1. Is this the Shila I met at Aroma of Tacoma? If so, this is Big Dub. Please contact me asap at Gonna need that fashion cake for my daughter in a couple weeks and wanted to discuss the details. Talk to you soon!

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