Thursday, April 18, 2013



I finally have my own craft area. I said AREA, not a ROOM because it's basically a home-office-craft-studio-playroom all in one. Haha. Since we only have one extra room to accommodate for all three sections, we therefore have to take a fair share of the space left. Amiklah sorang sikit, every square foot counts ok. Ayah needs his own working desk, Mama longing for her craft section whereas kiddos definitely need their own play area. 

We didn't spend a dime but amazingly, we managed to make everything looks nice, neat and tidy. Look! Now I can finally see all of my yummy-colored ribbons clearly. Thanks to this RM8.90 curtain rod from IKEA that came in a smaller diameter hence it fits every spool just right. For all leftover ribbons, all chucked into a big glass jar. I'm so happy with the way it turned out -- my burgeoning ribbon supply is now perfectly organized! 

I'm not done yet tho with the area and I have tons of ideas rolling around in my head. The other side of the wall looking rather bored, maybe needs more frames and posters but I'll save that for another day. Because what most important now is to buy more boxes or baskets to store my ever increasing baby diaper cakes supplies, pronto! 

To my husband, I love you to infinity and beyond! For supporting me, for making my job more pleasant and for believing to all my crazy ideas. ;) And to Haris Bersaudara, for being all nice and good, at least tak kacau barang-barang Mama ehehehe. Seriously, that is more than enough :P


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